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Group Meditation

Our Mission 

We know how much stress, anxiety and past traumas have a high impact on people's lives. The long-term suppression of our emotions can be extremely harmful to our physical health, causing exhaustion and even illnesses.


Our mission is to bring healing, guidance, and well-being through our holistic therapies and retreat. We also seek to bring more awareness to people's lives about trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, PTSD, and self-care.

Our Method

Healing Services

We offer in-person HMR, hypnotherapy & Reiki sessions as well as remotely via telemedicine HIPPA certified conference calling (

Private Retreats

The Sky Dancer Healing Retreat is a place surrounded by awe-inspiring nature. The perfect environment to pause and find a soothing peace.

Guidance & Support

Here you will find a safe space for you to heal. We offer free guidance and support through our content on social media platforms like Instagram.

The Founder

Hi, I'm Heather Lindquist - The face behind the Sky Dancer Healing Retreat!
I am a certified HMR Therapist, a Reiki Practitioner, and a Hypnotherapist.

My mission is to guide people through their healing journey. To help them reframe their traumas in a way that no longer harms so heavily their bodies and daily lives.

Everyone experiences some sort of trauma in their lifetime. Which can range from what may seem a ''simple'' event up to more complex traumas involving PTSD. We often tend to bottle up. We think that we find peace in avoiding emotions - but the truth is they are all stored deep within us. And they stay there, doing damage after damage as they express themselves in behavioral patterns, interpersonal relationships, and illnesses. But I believe it doesn't have to be that way - at least not forever. And I believe that this deep pain can be translated into growth if we are open to inner healing.

Sky Dancer Healing Retreat Founder

​That's why I opened a retreat - to create a safe environment for people to heal memories and the connection to their bodies; to help them reframe their traumas and reshape their lives.

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