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What is Holographic Memory Resolution® (HMR)?

Experiences of stress and traumatic situations induce an altered state of consciousness facilitated by the fight/flight function in the brain. Despite being a protective reaction of the body - when these traumatic experiences are stored for long periods, they end up harming people's physical and psychological well-being, resulting in the appearance of disorders.

HMR - created by Brent Baum and approved by the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology - is a body-centered therapy that addresses emotional reframing for traumatic/stressful events. ​This non-invasive therapy aims to access specific areas of the mind through somatic, color and energy psychologies and carry out a reframing. This way, we alleviate emotional and physical pain and release possible triggers.

Does not require people to analyse and relive their traumas giving them a greater sense of security and emotional control;

It helps neutralize the traumatic information and response by reprogramming subconscious memories;

Leaves patients with a deep sense of peace and allowing them to have a healthier life;

Treats several psychological and somatic conditions (Anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, addictions, phobias, migraines, trauma, etc);

It emphasizes body-mind control and eliminates response to triggers;

Acts faster than traditional therapy.

The Benefits

Heal & reframe your mind

Starting at $150

We offer Holographic Memory Resolution® Therapy for reframing trauma. This service is available in-person as well as remotely via telemedicine HIPPA certified conference calling.

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